About Mix-sets.com

1. Mix-sets.com is the premier platform to enable DJ's to share their talent with a worldwide audience while connecting with their peers and fans.

2. Launched in May of 2004 like (Djsets.gr) has become one of the most trafficked (in the place of 90.000 world's traffic ranked) social networks for DJs and their fans. The new Mix-sets.com is conceived by like-minded DJs and friends who wanted to share their mixes, build a top-notch platform, and foster a worldwide network of DJs and fans of DJs. Our platform enables music listeners, club promoters, radio stations and event organizers to discover new DJs and track their favorite DJs. DJs seeking to demonstrate their mixing skills will find Mix-sets.com as an invaluable promotional tool to help grow their DJ career.

3. Today, Mix-sets.com has expanded to include a host of social and technology features that will benefit both DJs and their fans.